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#Submit123PR is an online news and press release distribution SaaS enabled platform. We offer affordable social media connectivity & content distribution creating outreach strategies with media. We utilize PR Newswire backbone and our database consisting of journalist social media influencers that matter resulting in wider content distribution. Guidelines

At we distribute a wide variety of news from business releases to medical news and everything in between. While we work closely with each customer to ensure their online press release receives the best coverage possible, there are a few instances in which news cannot be published on Submit My Press Release.

Types of news that will not be published by Submit Press Release 123 or distributed to our syndication network include the following:

  • Legal press releases that do not include verifiable case and docket information
  • Online gambling website promotions
  • Stock promotions
  • Press releases that include registered trademarks not owned by the company releasing the news
  • Articles that are written in a slanderous light toward a company, individual or product
  • Press releases that are written mainly as advertisements and do not contain news worthy content
  • Articles about celebrities or public figures
  • Opinion pieces
  • Fictional stories
  • Adult topics
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) promotions
  • Weight loss supplements including African Mango or Acai Berry

Questions about if your online press release can be published on Email [email protected] or call 855-ONE-SUBMIT (855-663-7826).

Frequently Asked Press Release Distribution Questions

How long does it take to before my news is distributed?

Submit Press Release 123 will publish all news within 72 hours of submission. Faster turn around is available with the purchase of our 24 hours news distribution upgrade.

*Please note that PR Newswire & EIN press releases submitted on Fridays will be released the following Monday.

Where will my news be published?

Press releases are posted to and sent to our distribution network for pick-up. A sample of our distribution partners can be seen here. Submit Press Release 123 does not guarantee the pick-up of news by third party sites as this is largely determined by the stories news worthiness and quality of writing. To increase press release pick-up, EIN Newswire and PRNewswire distribution can be added to the standard KISS press release.

Can I edit my press release once it is published?

No. Once news is published changes cannot be made to the text or associated image.

How long is my press release visible online?

Press releases published by Submit Press Release 123 are housed online indefinitely. Once published, news will not be removed from the website.

Is there any way I can remove my news from the internet?

Once news is published online it is nearly impossible to remove every shred of the press release from the internet. If it is imperative a press release published by be removed there will be a removal fee of $75 per website. A request to remove the press release must be sent in writing and state the reason for the press release and agreement to the fee of $75 per website. Please note that Submit Press Release 123 can only have the press release removed from websites listed on the pick-up report and other sites who covered the news must be contacted by the company who created the press release. Press release removal is NOT currently available for the PRNewswire or EIN add-ons.

What happens if my press release is declined?

If a press release is declined, Submit Press Release 123 will inform the writer as to the reason. Edits can be made and the press release resubmitted for distribution. Refunds will not be issued for press releases that are declined because they don't meet editorial guidelines.

Is any weight loss supplement news accepted by

Press releases regarding the weight loss supplements African Mango, Green Tea, Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean, Raspebrry Ketone and others may be distributed through Submit Press Release 123 by using the PR Newswire press release package only. News will be sent out through our partner site but not posted housed on Submit Press Release 123.

Internet Marketing Guidelines

The use of ads directing traffic to press releases on is strictly prohibited. Customers can not use Submit Press Release 123 as a doorway for Google Ads. This will result in website delisting. Please see Google's terms of service and guidelines for more information. Agencies can not promote client stories using their accounts. For Agency pr create separate accounts and only put 1-2 (MAX) links. Links have to be relevant and not promoting thin content pages. 

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