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#Submit123PR is an online news and press release distribution SaaS enabled platform. We offer affordable social media connectivity & content distribution creating outreach strategies with media. We utilize PR Newswire backbone and our database consisting of journalist social media influencers that matter resulting in wider content distribution.

Press Release Writing Tips

The following tips are designed to help you understand ways in which your press release or news content may be optimized for better indexing in search engines.

  1. Keywords: In addition to choosing a show-stopping headline, include keywords in your title that users may utilize in their search.
  2. Short & Concise: Headline characters should be limited to 80; characters added after this number is reached typically do not become indexed by search engines.
  3. Linking Out: Keep outbound links at a minimum for news stories and press releases. This helps maintain credibility for your story. No more than two or three should be sufficient. Outbound links: Should be reserved for the latter part of your story, because your initial characters are what search engines use for indexing, and links in this area are not embraced by search engines. Include links that direct users to your website and not other places.
  4. Be Original: Remember that originality counts for search engines and as well readers.
  5. Be Newsworthy: Make sure your content is newsworthy and does not simply constitute an advertisement.
  6. Add SEO Juice: Include links for keywords that are relevant to those contained within your website. Hyperlink the name of your website as opposed to typing out the full URL, which is more attractive to search engines.

Simply put: Keep it simple for search engines 24/7:

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