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Submit Press Release 123 – How to Pitch a Blogger

When attempting to get additional coverage for an effective press release distribution strategy on a recent news article, pitching your story to a blogger may be the way to go. Bloggers often write on niche markets and have loyal blog subscribers whom read their content. To pitch a story to a blogger there are basic do’s and don’ts that will help anyone achieve higher success rates. 

When pitching a story to a blogger you’ll want to:

Keep your email short and be straightforward. You should only try to sell one big idea at a time. If the blogger decided to write on your topic, they will ask for all the details they need.

Do your homework. Make sure the blogger you are pitching covers news around your topic. Otherwise you will be wasting both your time and theirs. Additionally, referencing previous blog entries in your email will let them know you truly care.

Provide additional resources. At the end of your email, add a few links that might be interesting for your contact if they decide to write something about you. These links can point to full product specifications, photo galleries, or press release.

Show them you're unique. Blogger like to stand out with their view point. By telling them why your company is different from the rest it will help them to formulate an opinion. Sharing ‘secret’ details that you have since only shared with that blogger will also entice them to cover your story since they have the exclusive inside scoop.

In communication with bloggers avoid:

Cut and Paste. Write a personalized note specific to your news and the blogger you are pitching. Do not cut and paste the same pitch to multiple bloggers or send out a mass blast with carbon copied (CC) delivery.

Writing things you wouldn't want published. Remember that once you put it in an email the content is fair game with bloggers.

Overkill follow up. It is okay to wait a day or two before following up after your initial pitch. Some blogger work part time and others may not respond until they have a need for your content.

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